Monday, July 15, 2013

Motivation Monday: Warrior Dash 2013


I've never been one to work out. Yes, I've played various sports throughout high school, but that's just a kid being a kid! I've never been one to actively seek out a gym and work out. Tracing back, my brothers and father always participated in races- 5ks or marathons, it didn't matter. The three men in my life loved races! It was something I was never interested in.. while they suffered, my mom, sister and I stayed home.

Well, friends. All that is changing. Cristhian, his sister and I are participating in our first race ever! We're signed up for the Warrior Dash this September which takes place in my old stomping ground, Thompson, in the northeast corner of this little state.

I'm a little excited, a bit more scared and definitely nervous. I'm not sure what I can do to train for said race!

Are you participating in any races this year?

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