Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do I hear wedding bells?

I do! Do you?

This chicken pox infested girl (not a boy!) had a dream!

Going through hoops and whistles with my family (who is very keen on keeping our Cambodian traditions alive), I quickly realized that my intimate wedding will not be happening.

As a little girl, I always imagined getting married in my early 20s. I had my hair down in soft waves, my makeup was done neutrally and perfectly accentuated my princess ball gown dress. My groom and I were married atop a billowy hill, beside a lighthouse overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Our reception would take place a short distance away by a beautiful Tudor-style castle, where we dance underneath the wintry sky. End Dream Sequence. As an angry teenager, I vamped my dream just a bit. I wanted to get married in Boston (30-40 minutes south of where I grew up). I wanted to get married in a castle. I wanted to get married surrounded by my closest family and friends- no more than 50 people!

Circa 2008.

Welps. It's decided! Cristhian and I are getting hitched by ourselves (and letting my parents have their Big Fat Cambodian Wedding)! I'm determined that it's going to be everything we ever wanted (minus our immediate families… Booo!).

I'll be writing about both the Elopement and the Big Fat Cambodian Wedding. Cheers!


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