Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tag: Pokemon!


1: Favorite Pokémon? Dratini
2: Favorite type? Water
3: Favorite legendary? Articuno
4: Favorite region? Hoenn
5: Favorite move? Waterfall
6: An item you always have in your bag? Full Heal
7: Favorite gym leader? Misty
8: Favorite Elite Four member? Lance
9: Favorite generation? Tie between I and II.. minus the backpack/item issue
10: Favorite Pokémon game? Yellow
11: Favorite starter? Pikachu
12: Favorite eeveelution? Vaporeon
13: Favorite human character? Misty
14: Favorite villain? Meowth
15: Favorite unown form? J


16: First lv. 100? Pikachu
17: First game and first Pokémon? Blue, Squirtle
18: If you could have any real Pokémon in real life, which would it be and why? Pikachu.. because I loved mine..
19: If you were a gym leader, what would your specialty be? Water & Ice
20: Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma, Galactic? Rocket FTW!
21: Favorite Battle Frontier activity? No comment.
22: Favorite battle strategy? Offense, I guess..
23: Favorite professor? Oak!
24: Favorite rival? Blue
25: If you could live in any Pokémon city, which would it be? Cerulean
26: Favorite ball design? Love Ball, actually
27: Favorite spin-off game? No comment
28: If you lived in the Pokémon world, would you be a trainer, gym leader, breeder, professor, team member or something else? I would be a trainer.. I'd just like to love on my Pokemon without forcing them to fight!
29: Describe your ideal six-Pokémon team. Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venasaur, Pidgeot and Espeon
30: How old were you when you got into Pokémon? I was 9 when it came to America
31: Least favorite Pokémon other than Garbodour? Probably Caterpie or Weedle.. or Rattata..
32: That one Pokémon that always ends up on your team? Pidgey..
33: Favorite show episode? The one where the gang found Togepi
34: Favorite Pokémon card? My hollofoil Japanese Charizard
35: What Pokémon do you think is most like you? Pikachu- I'm just too cool


36: What Pokémon do you think your friends/family members would have in real life? They're all too different to specify
37: What Pokémon would your favorite celebrity have in real life? Jigglypuff or Clefairy
38: Ever used a cheating device, such as Gameshark or Action Replay? Was it worth it? Yes, and no it wasn't.
39: Most treasured Pokémon? Pikachu
40: If you could put one thing into Black 2 and White 2, what would it be? No comment
41: Least favorite human character? Ash
42: Least favorite generation? Anything after Gen V
43: If you could make up your own Pokémon, what would it be like? What type would it be and what moves would it learn? I have no preference
44: Do you ever EV train and/or IV breed? No
45: Ever attempted a Nuzlocke run? Did you succeed? No..
46: Would you approve of a sixth generation? Doesn't matter to me!
47: If you could create your own Pokémon game, what would it be like? I'd probably specialize in making a game revolving around super cute or water/ice-type Pokemon
48: Favorite Pokémon movie? The one where Ash turns to stone and all the Pokemon cry to revive him.. I don't remember which one that is..
49: Own any Pokémon toys/merchandise? Hell yeah!
50: Favorite Pokémon memory. Too many to list.. but I still enjoy playing my Soul Silver!

Are you an a Pokefan?!

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