Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spotlight: My Eyebrows Through the Years

Me as a baaaaby!

Eyebrows are often overlooked, but are essential to one's face. They frame your face and have the ability to make you seem more pleasant, sexy or even sweet. As stated in an earlier post, I've lived with uneven eyebrows and have recently made an effort to better them.



For the better 16 years of my life, my eyebrows were completely untouched. (I didn't even pluck the strays on my eyelid.) My two dear friends decided that I looked too beastly and took it upon themselves to pluck the @#$% out of my face. Plus, they completely killed the tails of both brows. So the tails both grew inward towards my eye (almost at 90*!) versus to the outer parts of my face. Case in point, uneven, SHORT, skinny brows that never grew back the way they should.



Angry and upset, I just let my brows grow, for almost six years, without touching them at all. When my cousin from California came in 2010, she introduced me to threading- and whoa. It was a life changer. I didn't want my threader to completely change my eyebrows, but to keep it as natural-looking as possible. She wouldn't change one brow to make it match the other... with that said, my brows looked uneven because they were uneven.



In 2011, I decided to pluck and reshape my brows myself. I just wanted brows similar to what I had before my friends butchered my brows. So, I looked at pictures of myself as a child… and lo and behold, I had straight brows (although I wish I could arch it…). I had to groom and let some straggling hairs grow. It's a long and hard process.

2013 (Sorry for the humungous zit.. D: )

For now, I'm pretty happy with the way my brows are. I know they'll never get to the fullness and length (they're still horribly SHORT) they were when I was a teen, but I'll make do with what I have. That's what brow tools are for, right?

Is there any part of your body you incessantly maintain?


  1. I think your eyebrows look great in the 2013 pic! I don't like mine either - I always end up plucking them way to thin. I try to grow them out and they just look a mess :)

  2. Lila, thin brows were THE look for the longest time! And IMO, the hardest part is definitely waiting for the hairs to grow in! :)


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