Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Week In Pictures #12

I know I haven't done a MWIP in a while.. Sorry 'bout that! I've been a bit busy over the past few weeks. From the images on my phone, I decided to make a compilation of pictures to post here. Hope everyone is having a great week!

I was really sad to move!

I was playing around with a new app I downloaded, Snapee. It's very.. cute-esque!

For Valentine's Day, Cristhian and I went to Johnny Rocket's. We were really itching to go after seeing it on Undercover Boss.

I bought out the Tim Tams in my area- kekeke!

You're jealous of my new mug, I know it!

Cristhian and I have been here nearly a month now. It's been a crazy month. We have yet to finish decorating our apartment, but we'll get there!!

Now, I'll leave you with a bit of a funny! It's reminiscent of my (cat) relationship with Cristhian (dog).


  1. Moving is always hard, I hope you get settled in and enjoy your new home. I love the app and the end pic - so cute :)

  2. Thanks, Lila. Moving was the easy part... it's the unpacking and organizing that makes it difficult! :)


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