Thursday, February 28, 2013

My kids are fat

My boys are fat.. specifically my eldest two. //tear They're supposed to be between 10-12 lbs and they're definitely tipping the scale at 17-18 lbs respectively.

Cristhian and I have been trying different foods in order to get their weight in check.. but it seems like it's to no avail. We're aiming towards more holistic, natural, protein-enriched dry food. In regards to Kuro, he's in the lower half of his average weight range (16-30 lbs for chihuahua/pug mixes). Cristhian and I are looking for more holistic and natural dry food for Kuro, as well. But because he's such a picky eater (= refuses to eat and starves himself for days if he doesn't find food he likes), it's really difficult to find something he likes.

Hopefully I'll check in with an update.. !

What do you feed your furbabies?

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