Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm in Love with...

Kate Middleton, or rather, the Duchess of Cambridge. Really. When she dated William, I felt like she was 'His Princess'! (I was barely 15, but I was rooting for her! Commoners should have one another's backs, no?!) When the Royal Family released that Kate was, in fact, with child.. I was ecstatic! I cannot wait for July!


When people talk of that infamous "pregnancy glow," I definitely feel like Kate has it. She looks more dashing than she already did!



Kate's also still super fashionable and uses her bump to her advantage. //swoon She (or her stylist?) really knows how to accentuate current trends to match her body type/situation. Kate's got it!


That last one was just for laughs! ;) I can't wait 'til you're born, O Royal One!

Are you excited for the Royal Baby?!

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