Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Bowl Party 2013 Menu

Cristhian and I are hosting our first ever gathering (to boot, it's at our new place!)- Super Bowl! We're big Pats buffs!! And we're definitely rooting for 'em to win the AFC... and ultimately the Super Bowl!!

But, regardless of who's going to the Super Bowl, here is a list of our tentative food menu!

7 Layer-Bean Dip with Tortillas
Honey BBQ Wings
Tossed Salad

Hot Dogs (Beer & Onion Marinated)
Pizza (Pizza Hut- Cheese & Pepperoni)
Mini BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes
Cookies (from Whole Foods)

Bottled Beer (Sam Adams & Blue Moon)
Canned Soda (Pepsi, Sunkist & Sprite)
Capri Sun (for the kiddies and the young at heart)

What's on your list of Super Bowl noms?


  1. sounds wonderful! i'd have to request some wine on that menu if i were coming ;) but the pulled pork and red velvet, oh baby! my family friends gather for a fabulous super bowl party with wonderful eats each year. i can't wait for this coming one!

    1. No wine drinkers coming to this gathering- I wish! I'm a red girl, myself! I'm hoping this gathering turns out well. Maybe I can host a party every year like yours! :)


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