Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Music: Lost in Love MV

Long gone are the days where you must sing well in order to strive (case in point, more recent divas like Whitney, Mariah and Beyonce). These days, it feels like as long as you have a pretty face, you can make it in the music business (ex: Kesha, Rihanna and Selena).

Asia's music is no different, really. Girls' Generation (or SNSD!)'s earlier days were bubble pop!-ish music (think Brit and Christina in the late 90s). All nine girls' ranges were very limited, with only a couple who could actually sing.

It's taken quite some years, but in my opinion, 'Fany's gotten a lot better at singing and Taeyeon's gotten so much stronger! I notice those two in particular since they're my favorite (along with Seohyun, so of course I love TaeTiSeo) of the group. Just thought I'd chime in with the lovely music video with Taeyeon and Tiff.

Asian music's gotten big over last year- and I'm glad! Our music emphasizes whatever emotion we're trying portray- whether it's anger, humor, love, depression, etc. Asians want to feel the heartache, the hardship, the fury, the romance. That's why other countries' music has such a large impact and is so widely translated throughout the continent. Don't believe me? Google "Sukiyaki."

Are there any groups/solo artists you feel sing incredibly well?

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