Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

MLK Jr.'s work is not yet complete. There is so much more to do for equality amongst God's children. We must continue to fight for racial (and gender!) equality.

Growing up, I heard stories of my families' survival during the Khmer Rouge. There's not much that I can say (as I didn't experience that hate amongst brethren), but I can learn and grow from it.

To my knowledge, my first experience with racism was when my family and I moved to Connecticut. It was during my junior year of high school, my high school got a transfer student- a kid from the south. Within three days, he got notes of HATE plastered all over his locker and mean things written of him in the boys' room. He ended up transferring out to the neighboring school. I never understood how my classmates could accept my family and I (Asian) wholeheartedly and not this new kid's (African American). Also, my brother, Shawn, has stated that he's been a victim of racism during our tenure in high school, but he's never spoken to me about it. These incidents have really opened my eyes and deeply saddens me.

In our differences, God only sees beauty!

There's SO much more that needs to be done. But for what MLK, Jr.'s done, I'm sure America will be forever grateful. Our children and our children's children are deeply indebted. Thank you for your efforts, Dr. King. It does not go forgotten.

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