Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drama: Dream High 2

I'm no novice to Asian dramas. I've been watching them with my mom and aunties for as long as I can remember! My particular interests include Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean dramas specifically- typical younger generation, if you ask me.

I took a bit of a hiatus in dramas after watching King 2 Hearts. Its anti-American-ness rubbed me the wrong way, I guess. But after seeing a slew of Asian dramas added to Netflix, I decided to pick up dramas once again. Recently, I've been watching Dream High 2. Have I seen Dream High? Err, no, but I digress.

Dream High 2 reminds me of a Korean version of Glee. Whoa? Whoa! It's actually quite a neat concept- one that I enjoy. I like how Glee's musical compositions cover a wide range of genres (classical, country, pop, r&b, etc). Dream High 2 (and most likely, the original as well) covers K-pop, K-rock, K-r&b, etc. As someone who knows the difference, it's really much appreciated. Also, it (technically) stars, JB, Sora, 2AM's Jinwoon, T-Ara's Jiyeon, SISTAR's Hyorin, Seo Joon and Junior (?). More on the characters in an upcoming review I'll write upon completion of the drama.

Here's a little clip of the episode I'm on. I about died when I saw JB dance and mouth the words to "I Need A Girl" around Sora. Like, "Damn, he's almost as smooth as the real Taeyang himself!" (Need a refresher on the original sex symbol of S. Korea? Click here to see my experience at Big Bang's Alive Tour Concert in NJ!)

Admittedly, I was interested in watching Dream High 2 to catch a glimpse of Ailee. I heard that it was her first drama- her stepping stone into the Korean market, if you will. Ailee's got such a great voice, a unique face and great style. I'm so sad that she didn't quite make it in the US because I am so in love with her! But alas, she's in Asia. And Dream High 2 doesn't really revolve around her. //tear I think the producers omitted Ailee because her Korean isn't so hot. (At the time, I think she was learning Korean... she's American-born (like me!) and wasn't fluent prior to her Korean debut. I've been told that she "sounds" too American... I feel ya, girl! I get that all the time!)

On an unrelated note, I'm in the midst of moving! Cristhian and I are slowly moving our things into our new apartment the latter half of this week!

Are there any new shows that have caught your interest?

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