Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spotlight: Hair Color

I'm due for a haircut and I've gone for basically the same look since this past February. I love my hair. Really, I do. I love the cut and I love the subtle highlights I do have. I just might go for the same look yet again, but it doesn't hurt to look, right?

I love the placement of Jamie Chung's subtle, but bright highlights. It's exactly how I'd like my highlights to be placed as well.

Lucy's coif is always gorgeous and complements her so well! Her cut and color's absolutely stunning!!

Victoria's Secret model, Liu Wen, usually has her hair pitch black and pin straight. I'm glad there are some pictures of her strutting soft highlights. She looks amazing!

After May, I'm looking forward to having more fun with my hair! I'm really leaning towards going the "ombre" effect. 'Course, I don't want to go too crazy (I don't want blonde ends or anything). I'm thinking of leaving my natural color as my base and eventually fading towards a dark caramel color.

This is THE ombre effect that I'm looking for! I am absolutely in love with the woman's dark, almost black, base, her super dark brown shaft and medium brown ends. Plus, her sparse peek-a-boo lighter caramel ends are trendy! LOVE it!

I love Cheryl Cole's hair its has the subtlest change of color. And it's not too light at all! I love it! Dark haired girls don't NEED to go blonde!

Kekeke. Let's see what the future holds!

Images are not owned by me. I found them all over Google.

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