Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Week In Pictures #10

I have a lot of shots for this week's My Week in Pictures! Now that I've edited the pictures, I see that the majority of the shots are of food. Whoa. That's what December does to you- it makes you fat and plump. All you do is just eat and eat!

We've had a bad two weeks with this bugger...

I attempted a recipe I saw on Pinterest and it was delicious!

Lox's Ham & cheese on whole wheat!

Upon buying my awesome crock pot, I knew I had to find some yum-o recipe to make with it. I saw this recipe on my blog roll and had to try it. I ended up using too much chicken stock, but it was good otherwise.

Vic's Lumberjack for two!


Aztec's Burrito San Jose

Cristhian's Apology Flowers

Arroz con habichuelas with drizzled Sriracha!

Otie really does love his mommy. Especially when she studies!

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