Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bright Nights 2012

Cristhian promised to take me to see lights this year! We actually had a couple of options within 30 minutes of us. One option was to go to the Hartford Holiday Light Fantasia in downtown and the other was to go to Bright Nights at Forest Park in Springfield.

Kuro's excited!

It was our first holiday trip of the season and we decided to make the drive up to Springfield. It usually takes under half an hour, but it took us a good 40 minute trek through downtown Hartford. But that's besides the point.

There was a line of traffic once we got on route 83, but we were forewarned. Besides, the 10 minute wait wasn't too bad. Once we took the right into the park, we were immediately greeted by a man who took our admission. Normally, the price per car is $18. But I was able to print out a $3 off a coupon to make our ending total $15. The next attendant we saw gave us a brochure with a map of the park and a $5 off coupon for our next trip (we may bring the kiddies)!

The first leg of the quarter was nice, I guess. It's something you'd expect at any lights festival- a nativity scene, Kwanza celebration note and a menorah. Immediately following was Seuss Land. It was SO cute!

Can you spot Cristhian and Kuro?

We saw an opportunity to walk around the park when we saw Santa's Pit Stop. Because it was only in the 30s, it was nice to take a break and breathe in the crisp winter air. Plus, we took advantage of the snack shop and ordered some fries!

WTF? Dinosaurs live in Massachusetts?

The Dino Land made me laugh most. Kekeke. Like what are dinosaurs doing in Mass.?! Are they lost and need directions outta there?!

Without a doubt, the houses were quintessentially New England. Surely. We especially liked that the lights reflected off the pond. And it was quite nice. One of the houses looked like it was almost 3D!

Bye, bye Springfield!

We didn't get to make a stop by at Santa's (it was almost 9, its closing time, when we left), but we'll make our way there next time. And It would've been nicer to see everything with snow stuck to the ground, but we haven't had much Christmas snow these past few years. My favorite stop was between Seuss Land and Toyland. Kuro's number one stop was definitely the Snack Stop! Cristhian liked the New England-esque area overlooking the Forest Park Pond.

On a random note, I hate last-minute Christmas shopping and Christmas shopping in general, I guess. I also hate not having money to buy Christmas gifts. Ehh, but I digress. That's a story for another time. Hopefully I'll be able to snag a part-time job! (Darius, auntie remembers that she owes you a birthday present!)

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