Sunday, November 11, 2012

To the Big Bang Alive Tour or Bust!

The latter half of this week, a nor'easter hit us here in the northeast area of the country. The snow wasn't too, too bad here in central Connecticut. Although, parts of major highways (i-90 and i-84) were partially closed due to lack of plowing. It didn't stop my best friend and I from trekking to New Jersey! Amanda and I went to see Big Bang in Newark. She is a huge YG Ent. fan and I'm completely enamored with the group. This was our first k-pop concert and we were so excited. I'll write more extensively about our experience in a separate post.

I live a little outside of the tri-county area- I'm about half an hour from Waterbury and Hamden (203 area codes)! Even considering that it's a "two hour drive," we made good time getting to our destination!

We made a pit stop at Boston Market in Mt. Kisco, NY in order to have an early lunch. It looked yummy, but it was just "ok." I've had better.

We got to the bed & breakfast around 12:45pm- 15 minutes before our early check-in at 1! New York Bed & Breakfast was actually a nice little spot. George, the inn's caretaker, was very kind and hospitable. Also, NYB&B is conveniently located near the Prudential Center- win! It was roughly 6 miles to and from the concert. (I wrote a short review on the b&b here, if you're interested! My username is redsox58.)

Towards the end of the concert, our group had rumbling tummies. After half an hour of searching for an open restaurant, we found a diner… TOP's Diner! Winnnn! I ordered a basket of fries and it was sooo yummy!

The next morning, we met up with a couple of new friends determined to tour Koreatown.

Note: Amanda and I parked between 31st and 32nd on 7th. We walked down 7th in order to get to Koreatown on 5th and Broadway. I didn't take a picture of our parking area (like I usually do) because I thought we were late in meeting our friends.

We ate at Kumgangsan Restaurant. The restaurant's complimentary hot tea was actually good! (I'll be sure to take Cristhian there the next time we go!) The whole party ordered soups. They were kind enough to give me a spoonful of each, and I have to say that they were flavored very well! I got a bento... and I found it to be equally yummy!

We also got to hit The Face Shop storefront. The employees were a tad sketchy... especially the man! Amanda felt that he kept glaring at us. Maybe he was in fear of us shoplifting?! Hey- we're New Englanders and the other girls are Southerners! That makes us extra nice! But anyway, bought a couple of face masks for Amanda and a facial cleanser for Cristhian and me (review to come).

Remember my little bit earlier in the entry? Well... the worst part of the NYC stop was that we got lost trying to find the garage. Absolute fail. It took us two and a half hours to find it! I felt sooo extremely bad because we had our two Southern friends with us. They didn't ask for this!! :( Sadly for us, the address was listed on the white slip (vs the blue slip the valet gave her)… Ugh. Next time we'll take the bus from Hartford into NYC! It's cheaper and quicker!

Anyway, we happened to hit traffic on our way out of NYC (we left at 4). We got back to central Connecticut at 8ish (I think?). Not too bad of a spur of the moment trip.

Are there any trips you're looking forward to?

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