Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spotlight: Brow Inspiration

My current obsession is eyebrows. My eyebrows have been relatively untouched for the majority of my/its life… until now. I started threading the straggling hairs (underneath my brow bone, almost touching my eyelid) last year… and the look is so completely bizarre. I look like I'm in my mid-twenties vs a pizza face teenager.

My eyebrows are uneven- just like most of the world's. There's also no arch, and they're extremely short and sparse. Not to mention that the tails is unruly and narrow (one points towards my ear, and the other points towards my jaw.) AAARGH! I'm sure everyone has some feature she wishes she could change- mine happens to be my eyebrows. I'm in the midst of growing my brows out yet again. Instead of shaping them myself, I'll be sure to get them professionally groomed. That way, I'll be better able to maintain them. Because for me, that's the most difficult part!

Below are some celebrities whose eyebrows I think I can achieve (with the exception of Nana's). If I could have anyone's eyebrows, I'd personally choose Nana's! Her brows are absolutely beautiful, youthful and sexy. I digress.

You can tell that the models' eyebrows are very short. The first model's tails' are drawn in even. I find their brows to be a perfect medium as they are not not too thin, yet not too thick. I think this will be the most symmetric look I can achieve.

Although thicker and not as narrow as my own, Eun-Hye's eyebrows are achievable. I have a similar face shop and I really think her eyebrows match her face shape!

Ziyi and Nana's eyebrows are gorgeous- pretty much straight with a slight arch and tail. I really do love its sex appeal! (Haha, I've been obsessing over brows for far too long!)

Images are not owned by me. I found them all over Google.

Are there any features you're hoping to enhance?

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