Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour

Please read about my journey to and from New Jersey here! Please excuse my inner fan girl. I realize that as I wrote this, I was overly excited!

In September, YG announced that Big Bang's Alive Tour would include the US. AHHH! YESSSS! They'd first stop in LA, then make their second and final US stop in Newark. NJ, YESSS?! Amanda was determined to score tickets and stalked Ticketmaster for days... Well, the day-of, tickets for Friday's show was completely sold out. We were crushed. Luckily enough for us, Big Bang was kind enough to offer a second show the night before. YAY! Amanda was lucky enough to get VIP tickets.

The concert started at 8, but in good ol' fan girl fashion, Amanda and I got in line at 3. We got there very early, but it was well worth it! We were #460 and #461 so we were able to "secure" good spots for the rehearsal and the concert. Also, we were able to chat up a fellow VIP (my first time talking to a stranger in a long time, haha). She turned out to be SO extremely nice! The time flew by quickly and the cold was bearable speaking to someone as kind as her.

Because we were two of the first 600 people waiting, we were able to see the band rehearse. Oh. God. I swooned. I might've cried. There weren't many people on the left side of the stage. So Amanda and I got a good, unobstructed view! It was great.

Credit: A VIP! Sorry we didn't get your name. If you stumble across this, comment and I'll credit accordingly!

After the rehearsal, we had to wait in the lobby for an hour and a half. We met lots of friendly, very kind VIPs. Some of which came from all over the world just to come to this concert! Amanda and I were starving at this point (We left CT without eating and stopped over in NY to grab an early lunch at 10:30. When we reached NJ, we rushed to get ready and headed directly to the Prudential Center. There we waited for hours without munching on anything. Our one chance to grab a bite was RUSHED due to being shuffled into the arena! I dashed back to our line with two pizzas and a cap-less bottle of water! We scarfed down our food in under 5 minutes!), but we trekked through!

Patiently waiting for the concert to start... not!

Amanda and I were shuffled into the arena around 7:30. The good spots along the pathway and center stage were all taken... so we made due with the right side of the base of the stage. We made due with our situation and were still able to get great shots!! One thing I will note is that Daesung was constantly on our side of the stage… yay!

Amanda and I agreed that the next concert will be on me! ;)

Are there any concerts you're looking forward to?

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