Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Make Up Forever Duo Mat

Please read my Intro to Foundation if you haven't already done so.

You can buy Make Up Forever Duo Mat at the MUFE flagship store in NYC or at your local Sephora.

The packaging is very sleek. I like that it has a nice "peep me" view from the front. In lieu of a traditional snap seal, it has a magnetic seal. I honestly feel wary of closing the compact this way- I always feel like it's going to break. Also, it attracts fingerprints like nothing else!

I like that the powder is fine and not at all chalky. Product doesn't settle everrrrywhere- just around the rim of the packaging. You can tell by one swipe of the finger that it's very opaque. Therefore, you can get a good amount of coverage with the correct type of brush.

I found the color selection to be decent. It's powder collection ranges from very fair to very deep and offers a multitude of undertones to suit many ethnicities. I've tried Duo Mat in #203 and #207, both of which lean yellow. I would say that #203 matches my winter tone, NC25-30 and #207 matches my summer/faux tan tone, NC35-37.

Freshly applied on bare skin. No flash.

10 hours on bare skin in normal weather, blotted thrice. No flash.

I've worn it through sweaty gym workouts, fog, (heavy, random, totally unexpected) rain and through sunny days. When used as the main foundation, something I really don't like about Duo Mat is that it has no oil control. Regardless of how often I blot my face, I always end up an oil slick. Personally, I find that it works best as a setting powder over liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer (for those lazy days). Its opacity, gives liquid foundation that extra oomph in staying power and looks vivid in photos.

Freshly applied over tinted moisturizer. No flash.

7 hours over tinted moisturizer in rain, blotted twice. No flash.

10 hours over tinted moisturizer in rain (stayed in after 7th hour), blotted twice. No flash.

In terms of longevity, I'd say that this foundation lasts about 4-5 hours on bare skin before oil peeks through. Over primer or a tinted moisturizer, the staying power lasts around 7-8 hours. Not bad. Of course, when you take into consideration weather, the wear vary. Through wet weather under primer or tinted moisturizer, it lasts 5-6 hours and you better believe you need to blot (even if you're not normally oily, like I am).

• great for everyday use
• color match is great
• matte finish
• transfer resistant
• photographs well

• must be worn with a primer or tinted moisturizer
• no oil control
• packaging attracts fingerprints

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivation Monday: Running

Today's Motivation Monday is a visual from Mooniya. With Thanksgiving just a few days ago (and today will kick off my Christmas shopping), I need some fire under my butt to move! Keke. This post is a funny pick-me-up and I'm sure this picture depicts the majority of us Americans.

Haul: Target, Oakley, Banana Republic, GAP, Yankee Candle & Fossil

For the first time ever, Cristhian and I went Black Friday shopping (on Thursday of all days). We love Target and heard that the one in Nashua, NH (aka no sales tax!) was holding its sale on Thursday at 9pm. Our shopping trip was more of a spur of the moment decision we made the morning-of. We weren't prepared and didn't know anything the Target-Nashua store had for sale. One thing we did know was that we wanted to get there between 6-7. Luckily for us, we were two of the first 30 people in line! We went a little crazy, but I'm glad Cristhian and I were able to spend time together doing something new! At Target, we spent less than $200, but saved about $100. Win!

Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Programmable Slow Cooker in Stainless Steel

KitchenAid Black Delrin Set

Kitchen Selectives Single Serve Coffee Maker

On Saturday, Cristhian and I did a lot more shopping. We made our way north to the outlet in Merrimack. It was Cristhian's first time actually staying somewhere north of Nashua so we tried milking the time- we spent a little over five hours there! We went to a few stores and bought quite some things! (Like his New Balance sneakers (not shown), watch, etc) Here are a few things that I was able to steal!

GAP blouse

Oakley Tank Top

Yankee Candles 3-wick candles

Banana Republic Sunglasses

Fossil Watch

Did you score any good deals during the kickstart of this gift-giving season?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Week in Pictures #8

Sorry for my lack of Week in Pictures, but here is a nice warm batch! Cristhian and I ate out a few times last week plus we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. Therefore, we had quite a few opportunities for some shots!

Crawdads from the new hibachi buffet joint!

Zozo being silly~

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi at Sakura Garden

Oat Boats!

Mmm! Homemade organic eggrolls.

Black Thursday at UNO's~ Eggplant, tomato and mozz pizza- it was delish!

Black Friday lunch at Pheasant Lane Mall. I had Cristhian in mind!

Black Saturday lunch in Merrimack.

First snowfall of the year!

Kekeke. I was excited to see the snow on Saturday. Even if it was just for a teeny while! I'm anticipating a nice snow front this Tuesday and Wednesday! I can't wait to build snowmen and make snow angels!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funny #11: Black Friday

This is how I feel about Black Friday. I vehemently avoid physical shopping in November-January!

Credit: Google

Thursday, November 22, 2012

TAG: Winterlicious Tag!

I've decided to participate in a winter tag for the fun of it. Keke.

Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
Sally Hansen

Favorite Winter lip product?
Vaseline Cherry Lip Balm

Most worn Winter clothing piece?
Water/Slushy-proof Under-the-Knee Boots

Most worn Winter accessory?
Boston Baseball Cap

Favorite winter scent/candle?
French Baguette- Sorry for the EWWness of the jar!

Favorite Winter beverage?
Apple Cider

Credit: Google

All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Silver Bells!

Credit: Google

Favorite Holiday food/treat?
Anything with mint!

Credit: Google

What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
Personalized Ornaments

What's at the top of your Christmas list?
Blendtec Blender.. Cristhian and I bought it earlier this year and we've dubbed it our Early Christmas Gift to one another.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Same thing we do every year- visit family! Next year, as we'll be married, we've decided to partake on a different sort of Holiday Tradition (more American in style). You'll see!


I TAG you!
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