Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TIU: Day 2 & Day 3

I actually started the 7DSD yesterday and I was doing so well... until Cristhian surprised me with Bertucci's as a pre-anniversary gesture. BOO!! He got me off track, but I'll forgive him. Hehe.


Five Layer Chocolate Cake

Instead of doing the 7DSD like I originally planned, I'll just follow the maintenance plan. I'm at my "normal" range (116 lb at the moment), so I figure it's ok. I want to meet my October Goal!! Hopefully I'll be able to start the 5DSD on Monday.

I don't have pictures of what I ate today other than my lunch (pre-Insanity) and dinner.

Organic rotini in organic TJ's spaghetti sauce, topped with turkey bacon, mushrooms, onions and garlic!

BC: Insanity workout
M1: Meta-D drink and coffee (2 packets of Truvia with Coffee Mate FV creamer) + 25 oz of water
M2: None. Too busy!
M3: Leftover penne pasta with (2 strips) turkey bacon, mushrooms, onions & sun dried tomatoes + 40 oz of water
M4: None. Too busy!
M5: Collard Green Wrap with chicken, (1/2- It was going bad. I'd rather eat it than let it go to waste...) avocado, tomato & onion with Sriracha drizzled on top + 25 oz of water
WO: Insanity workout (I missed two days... so I gotta make it up!)

Note: Per K&K's advice, I'm supposed to drink 57 oz of water. But today, I drank over 90 oz!! I had to pee almost three times every hour!

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  1. LOL you always seem to get off your "diet" haha but I must say for someone that doesn't even like chocolate that cake looks good <:0D)


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