Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week in Pictures #1

I'm hoping that writing will become second nature. I'm trying really hard to keep my blog updated with new content as well. Keep things interesting, no?

Cristhian posing with King Candle

Over the weekend, Cristhian and I went to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in the Berkshires. It was a trek from our home in Central Connecticut, but it was a nice experience. It's very country!

Honey BBQ Super Melt Combo + Kids' Mac & Cheese w/ Hot Dogs

I can't remember the last time I ate at a Friendly's. And while eating at this restaurant in Holyoke, MA, I remember why. The service was subpar, the table Cristhian and I sat at was dirty and the food was so-so. Step up your game, Friendly's!

Sleeping Zozo~

At home, Cristhian and I have beds for Otie and Kuro- since they're completely in love with any and every bed. On the other hand, Zorro (who we've had since he was three months) has never slept on a pet bed- ever. Fast forward five years and I caught him sleeping in Otie's bad. D'aaaaw!

"What'cha want mum?!?"

I was doing a massive autumn cleaning the other day (I spring clean in March and autumn clean in September) and moved sooo many things around. I was flipping the bed over and look who I found snuggled in his bed?!!

The Squeeler and the West Coast

Cristhian and I decided to try out a local, very popular burger joint. Plan B specializes in local, natural (organic, if possible) foods. I got the Squeeler, a half turkey, half beef burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, mustard and mayo with a side of Disco Fries (like a poutin, but minus the curds). Cristhian got the West Coast, a beef burger with fried egg, avocado, olive spread and he added cheddar and bacon. Mmmm!!

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