Saturday, June 30, 2012

Roadtrip & Cali Recap

My brothers, sister and I made our way to California for our cousin's wedding. I'll be updating as I go along to make it easier on myself later on. Be prepared for updates in the incoming weeks!

Leeda had the nerve to recommend this place! We had a so-so breakfast somewhere near St. Louis, MO. This breakfast was not the way to start off a cross country road trip.

My cheeseburger done animal-style.

The first day we arrived in San Joaquin county, we didn't do much sight-seeing, but we did try out the burger at the infamous In-N-Out Burger. It wasn't the greatest burger in the world like nearly everyone says- it was ok! I've had juicier burgers. :-P

Cutie Kabee!

On Thursday, we visited a few more family members and saw a friendly face! My sister and I couldn't help but take a snapshot! Kabee was a cutie!

On Friday, our cousins took us to Monterey. We had an awesome time walking around Cannery Row and the Wharf in Monterey.

Family shot!

My poor Kyrene bumped her head!!

All ten of us eating at Bubba Gump's!

I also took a trip out to SF. It was tons of fun and there was lots to see-- good thing we're going back again with my cousins this weekend! Below are some of many pictures I've taken!

Gettin' my tourist on with some Tudor-lookin'man!

Leeda. Rethanak. FREEDOM.

He found a new friend!

I like that photobombing seagull!

Also, as some of you know, I've been lugging my camera around in an attempt to vlog our experience on the west coast.

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